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Parasite... uninvited guest in tank... can anyone identify?


2 Feb 2008
Watford, Hertfordshire
Hey everyone, back from my trip to thailand and found in my shrimp tank some little critters in the tank, I have tried to find a pic online but have had no luck so I turn to where I know I can get some decent advice, basicly they are the size of a small pin head, round/oval shaped with a clear-ish body, I can seem to see any legs and they are pretty fast. any ideas? any advice are they ok in there or shall I remove and how?

I have loads of these(they look like ones in the post above) in my shrimp tank,but it does'nt seems that they effect shrimps in any way.Shrimps are active and breeding as normaly so i'm not realy worried about them being in the tank!
What's weird in mine is that I don't have nerite snails and never had any in my tank.

Happy to see it was some help.