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Osaka overhaul

Just bought 30 ember Tetras, and they look cool. Was nearly sucked into the cardinal cliche but my girlfriend persuaded me the embers have more personality. The blyxa looks greener after just three days of adding TPN+ and the algae is turning red and melting like the wicked witch of the west. Flourish/Easycarb should be put into the tap water! Sorry about my poor pictures, I promise to read up in the photos section..



Die algae scum :twisted:

6-7 week update, carpet is filling in SLOWLY, HC and Marisella taking their sweet time. Thinking about thinning the Blyxa out, maybe replacing the blyxa to the right of the big rock with a bush of rotala "green", think some pogestemon might go well in the foreground transition. Anyone fancy a swap :?: Here are a few shots, tried to get a shrimp molting but havn't figured out the macro setting yet ....





Thoughts and comments appreciated - T
Few shots after taking out the blyxa and planting rotala and Pogostemon, took a tip from saintly and gave the rocks a scrub ! Have added some coral sand in the filter which has helped buffer the pH a bit so I've increased the CO2 and TPN. Things are looking greener but I think the blyxa copice to the right will soon need re-planting.



Embers were determined to be in every shot


Rotala just starting to change to submerged growth
Cheers Vito, this tank has been a steep learning curve for me. My HC does grow very slowly (took awhile to adjust to the underwater world) starting to take off now. I think you're right it does enjoy high C0 2 and ferts. I've been slowly building both up. Currently add 10 ml Easycarb and 3.5 ml of TPN + a day. CO2 comes on 2 hours before lights and runs at 2 bps currently. The C.helferi I thought was dead has started to muscle it's way through the blyxa (I understand that it has similar demands) :D
Thanks A,

It is M.hirsuta, another slow starter but good because it will carpet in shady areas HC won't go. The floating plant is Limnobium laevigatum, it came from the big jungle tank in TGM that Graeme is re-scaping (I saw the hard scape couple of weeks ago, very interesting). It grows like mad and I throw out loads, if anyone wants any let me know.

Regards T
Hi Lee,

Thats no problem, I'm getting a paypal set up this week would be about £1.50 for p+p, PM me you're address and I'll be in touch.

Hi TBRO - the tank is looking better and better - my bylxa is just melting away :wideyed: but the small shoal of 6 Green Neons from TGM have settled and appear more interesting than cardinals. Well done with the tank.

Not to worry M, plenty more blyxa if you want another try at it. Managed to get some of you're willow moss growing in my tank. Saving it for a special project ;)

Regards T
Few update pics, Increased TPN again and the plants are going nuts, especially e.quadricostatus which is determined to be king. The lilly has gone a nice, venous-blood red. Added some rasbora brigittae which have disappeared into the undergrowth, they nip out at feeding time but still shy.



Not doing much maintainance at the mo, as I have injured my hand but just noticed my Sagittaria has flowered.


Thanks for looking, T