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Novice Trigon 190 from absolute blank canvas...

Just had a go at rescaping the tank, namely moving away from the large log I had at the rear, and changing for a couple of smaller pieces. Staying with a jungle theme. I've only half done it, caused a fair amount of disturbance so I'll let the fish calm down and any spikes subside. Thoughts would be welcomed! I need to reshape the java moss to its new home, and the vallis will be moved further down the right hand side I think.

Quick picture update a couple of weeks on from the shot above.


I've planted a load of sagi. sublata at the front now to grow into a carpet. It seems to be doing well, and the hair algae it came with is reducing.

The malaysian trumpet snails that have hitchhiked from wherever are doing well and multiplying, which is nice to see.

I've got some dark green "spots" as algae on some of the anubia leaves, which I'll post closeups of another time to try and identify what it is and how to address.
3 picture update this time. The first two are just the usual tank status ones - things seem to be going well - I've double the amount of potassium phosphate that I'm dosing as of this week, so hopefully as time goes on that will combat the green spot algae on the anubia leaves. The tiger lotus won't stop growing, I keep having to cut lillypads off it, it's like a rocket.

The interesting update though is that I appear to have managed to find a happy medium for setting up flow in a Trigon. I've only done it this evening, so time will tell, but I appear to have avoided any deadspots whilst also avoiding having really uneven flow that batters some plants. I've got two Eheim 2217's outputting to spraybars in the picture below, with one spraybar covering the rear "point" of the tank, angled at the surface, whilst the other is extended right to the front of the tank and down. I've blocked off the first 3 sections of the spraybar, so it's forced to jet out at the front of the tank (hopefully that makes sense). This second spraybar is angled down much more markedly than the short one.

I'm loving how low maintenance this tank is, it's absolutely great. All livestock are doing well too, and my MTS population seems steady and happy which is nice. Picture below!

Looking very nice Rick :thumbup:
Would have thought the cardinals and white clouds preferred different temperatures though? Suppose in this summer heat it makes no odds!
Tank is at about 26C (23C if you believe the comical temperature setting on the Eheim heater!!!). That's about nominal for the tetras,and at the upper end of acceptable for the white clouds, and also the upper end for CPD's.

I keep wondering about dropping everything a couple of degrees, but to be honest I usually forget soon after since everything seems very happy! All fish are really vividly coloured and active, so I'm presuming they're all happy and healthy.