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Nick16 signing out....


13 Aug 2008
Surrey, UK
well, wiith my 4x2x2 draining away as i type, all fish and plants gone (guys look after them!), i am sad to say i will be leaving the hobby for a few years whilst at university. my parents will take care of the nano but there will be nothing for me to do.

a tank at uni this year is out of the question as they say no pets at all. i may consider it in a years time if i can get a house share with someone but i guess during the summer hols the tank will have to come home with me, which is a pain.

but yeah, thats it for the fishkeeping for a couple of years, its been good fun and ive learnt alot. its a sorry sight to see a 4x2x2 sitting empty, with nothing to put in it. i keep staring at it making me sad, but life moves on and so shall i. im going to get planning and come back in 3 or 4 years with something very tasty.

i would ust like to take a minute to thank all those that have offered me advice and help along the years.
particularly a big shout goes out to you planted guys and girls who i wish the best of luck to.

i will remain on the forum and post but it wont be as often as i become snowed under with work and booze.

cheers to the mods who do a super job on this form keeping it friendly and full of banter.

cheers all.

Nick16 signing out....
altaaffe said:
Have a good time at Uni but you don't have to have fish to have a scape - what can they say if they look in and only see plants ? ;)
:text-+1: .
have a great time at uni Nick.don't eat too much pasta :lol:
yeah, im sick of rice and i havent even left! got boxes of it...

im sure they wouldnt notice shrimp in there...
do it do it do it!! haha

do a deep wabi kusa with a small gang of shrimp :D

what ever you end up doing good luck have a great time mate
Good Luck, I agree that there are many ways in which you could bring the hobby with you. Wiothout it necessarily being a tank.
too right chaps.

had an eventful 24 hours, with police, ambulance, bouncers, theft, violence and holes being punched in walls
kent but im really not enjoying it so far...

everything that could go wrong is going wrong and it just compiles how much i miss my fam.
Give it a bit of a chance. It is really scary to start with, but it is also really fun and once you've made a few friends you'll be much happier. Don't forget that everyone is in the same position as you! :thumbsup