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Nice pond!

PhilBen said:
PM me when you have some new pics
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That's a stunning pond.. I have a mate that builds them for a living. Not quite seen anything as good as that in the portfolio tho.
Thanks, the capping stones were one of my trademarks, I have never published pics of how I build them in the past but as I have retired now .....
I used fiber mix cement, a 3-1 mix with added plastic fibers but, the empty moulds have to be lined with a fine sand mix without the fibers first to achieve a nice finish. i personally hand finish the top of the capping with a pointing tool & 25mm paint brush.
The really big stones have steel reinforcing too, the mould are stuck in place with polyurethane foam via a gun & broken off once the mix has cured - that really makes a mess!
Finally the capping stones are painted with a cement mix made from fine sand unibond glue & a colour dye before being pointed with the same mix without the dye.
A lot of work but most folk are happy with the result.
Here is pic just after pointing ...
Thanks mate, I have never been back to the pond so I guesse the customer was happy.
I spent some time this summer working on a pond I built 25 years ago, the pond still has the same stocking of koi & two sturgeon.
Some of them are really big.....
Thanks guys - I have not completely retired its just that I don't employ anybody anymore & I don't take on any big projects anymore. However I do still maintain some of the bigger ponds that I built & the last couple of springs have been busy, there are always UV tubes to replace & filters to service etc.
In fact one of my hobbies has taken off big time & I am now building spear guns as fast as I want - a bit of a bazaar twist :shock:
BigTom said:
If you ever fancy being someone's boss again then give me a shout :lol:

Would quite happily give up my PhD for building ponds in the Channel Islands...

I second that.......plumbers alwyas come in handy winkwink, lol