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Nice pond!


11 Oct 2009
Hi guys I was kinder surprised to see a pond section on here but wondered if anyone would like to see this one being built?
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Great stuff foxfish, I have a strange fascination with pond builds, I know I will probably never have one in my garden but love watching them getting built. Watching with interest 😀
So what did you do for this pond filter wise? And what kind of stocking are we talking?

I hope my blockwork is as neat as that when I do my pond; it's a few years since I laid many blocks!
Ed this pond has a pretty basic filter system - single 6'' bottom drain with air dome, feeding a sieve & bead filter via 165w uv - single skimmer with dedicated pump & sieve & returned to a 7 ton gravel filter bed with full back flush facility.
2 x additional circulating pumps.
Total gallonage approx 8500 gal - flow rate approx 12000 gals an hours with all pumps running.
The bottom drain also has a direct flushing with auto daily water change, via a high flow chlorine exchange filter.
stocking is low with only 6 koi.
Next we build the large coping stones that will double up as a walk way across the pond - the bigger stone used 1 ton of concrete to fill.
We paint the stones with 2 coats of clear polyurethane then two coats of black.
The pond has now been plastered, first coat contains fibres mixed 2-1 then a top coat of 4-1 cement plaster.
We use fibres in a strong cement mix to stop water ingress though the blocks & into the polyester.


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Moving onto the filter chamber & the grand steps that will lead over the stone walkway...
NB filter chambers are never big enough!
We have plastered the inside of the chamber again to stop water ingress from outside & painted the walls with 3 x weather shield.
you can also see the water fall return under construction.


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