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new set up

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5 Feb 2010
new tank is 36x20x20.plan is to filter with eheim2071 x 2 or 2217 x2.whicch model is better do you think.also,looking at the aqumedic 1000 co2 reactor,is there better alternatives for this size tank and would I be better off running the reactor from a seperate pump.basic ? Iknow just trying not to make expensive mistakes.help apprieciated.

I'm assuming the tank measurements are in inches :?:

For the filter, the rule of thumb is to have 10 x the tank volume in turnover / per hour ( ie a 200L tank should have 2000LpH of flow). Personally I prefer to run two filters, as it gives you more options to control the flow pattern around the tank, and also gives protection should a filter fail.

The Aqua Medic 1000 is excellent if expensive ( i use one ), but I'd also consider the Boyu style inline diffusers from the asian ebay stores as they are much cheaper and do a good job. Their downside is the mist they create in the tank, but at least its easy to spot if the CO2 has ran out !

Hope that helps.

Hi, thanks fork, your response.hope you don't mind me asking but what flow rate are you putting through your reactor and with what?Got the answer from your tank thread,very nice tank.
I would not get a 2071 based on my experiences with my leaky 2073 unless Eheim have updated them.
Hi ACS for sure the correct way to get the best from your reactor ia a seperate pump. That way you will leave the filter to do its job and after its filled with media the reduced flow will not effect your reactor and therefor reaction. For sure stick with Eheim filters the reported faults are the exceptions not the norm. More often than not the reported leaks are down to ill fitted seals and lack of correct maintenence. 🙁 As I discussed in a previous post seals degrodate when subjected to continious co2 immersion, something they are not desinged to cope with. A fresh set of seals properly fitted annually would not be bad advice to keep filters sealed :clap: