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New heated filter for larger aquariums

Maf 2500

5 Jan 2021
Slade Dingle
The new heated version of the Aquael Hypermax is now available (at least in mainland Europe). Comes with a nifty DC pump rated at 4500 l/h (2600 l/h real world), output electronically adjustable, with an app to reduce flow for feeding, set different flow rates at different times of day etc.

Looks like it would be a good match for tanks in the 400-600 litre range, maybe a little larger too.

AQUAEL External Filter Hypermax Link at Aquaristik Shop

HYPERMAX LINK A smart external filter for large aquariums at Olibetta​

Aquaristik ship to the UK but at that price you would likely get hit with customs duty in addition to VAT.
The pump certainly looks to be a beast!
It is showing up on Amazon UK now (via Aquacadabra) but they want 650 notes for it! Pro-Shrimp are a fiver cheaper but it is a special order item, they don't hold stock. Quite a bit more than getting it from Aquaristik Shop and paying the delivery, VAT and customs duty.

When you consider it shifts the equivalent water as 3 Biomaster 850's the price doesn't sound as bad. Will no doubt come down to EU price level when more widely available in the UK. I wish I had a tank large enough to require one!
I wish I had a tank large enough to require one!
I am getting close to pulling the trigger on a much bigger aquarium for my house. Anglo Wife v Husband negotiations have gone well, and a step up to 300 litres is looking likely this year.
It is indeed. Didn't notice that at first, only thing that put's me off using this as opposed to two smaller units is putting all your eggs in one basket so to speak.
I am running two Oase 250's, the smallest models, and they work just great - with the added benefit that if one dies my fish wont be affected.