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New full-time career in aquatics


George Farmer

Dear all,

It's with a great sense of excitement that I announce a change in full-time career from the Armed Forces to the aquatic industry.

From 1 April 2014 I will be the AquaGro Brand Manager for Tropical Marine Centre (TMC). The role is very diverse and there are some extremely exciting plans in the pipeline.

I still intend to post on UKAPS as a hobbyist under "George Farmer" but in the interest of integrity will refrain from mentioning TMC products directly.

TMC will sponsor UKAPS where I will also be active, but under the "TMC AquaGro" username.

Any chance of chasing up the new LED mounts then? 😛 Haha.
Joking aside, congratulations and hope you enjoy working doing what you enjoy!
Congrats George,
Adjusting to civvy life can be a challenge at times but sounds like it will be a good move for you. Getting to do something you love for a living is definitley a bonus.
Well done that man!
Now that's something you don't hear everyday.🙂 doing something you have a seroius interest in plus a wage.🙂 congratulations mate and good luck.
Great news for TMC and hobbyists alike, good to know your knowledge and experience are now behind the scenes at TMC 🙂. Also for yourself of course, congrats George!

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