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New Family Guy Episodes on BBC3

A lot say the newer family guy is rubbish but I dont think so :D
I do think it's gone downhill - most things do when they go on for so many series'.
Hit it's prime around series 3, and has slowly deteriorated since then IMO. Still worth watching, but I rarely laugh now! :arghh:
yeah, it hard for the show becuase the simpsons has covered alot of topics and it is so similar.
aaronnorth said:
yeah but it is stupid funny which is why i like it :lol:
There is always a limit on how funny it can be once it crosses a barrier, becomes a little more tasteless than funny if you know what I mean. I enjoyed the previous seasons though.
all my favs are going down hill at the moment....scrubs/two and half men (last nights was rubbish).lol..
lets just hope my old mate :twisted: "Dexter" :twisted: does not disappoint this Friday....

cheers , Alex