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New Camera Help


20 Sep 2012
Walsall, West Midlands
Hi guys..

I'm looking for a new camera some time soon (around £500-600 Budget) and im just after some info from you guys as i know there are a few guys here that are keen on the subject.

I do like some mirror less cameras (Sony NEX-5R/6 and the new Cannon EOS M) Id like to see what some of you think of them?

Or on the other foot should i go down the root of say a Cannon 650D?? Witch the EOS M basically is in a smaller body..

cheers guys
For a starter camera you could think about the DSLR Nikon D3100? my mrs got this for xmas and I think its pretty cool and user friendly.. you could upgrade to the D5100 if you have used one before though maybe?
Well im ok with a camera, iv got a FujiFilm FinePix S9500 at the min and iv had this for some time now..
does take some ok pictures..


Im after a little more flexibility with lens choice (the finepix is a fixed lens) and tbh its time for an upgrade 🙂
For that kind of money you could also consider something thats not new. The next stage up is likely to be better in the long run and there are reputable outlets for buying good quality used cameras. The key is that the shutter count is not too high (beware of people offloading cameras whose shutter is close to end of life). I reckon you could pick up a nice Canon 60D and lens for that kind of money or thereabouts.