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New B.I.D.K.A Facebook Page


31 Mar 2008
Planet Earth
Good morning everyone,

A lot of people who are members of UKAPS will know me on here as redsteveo, you know the guy who had most of you in hysterics with the photos used for my journal 'The Full Monty'

You will also know that my aim eventually was to create a perfect planted Discus Aquarium. Well unfortunately, I never really achieved that, the balance is so hard to achieve.

There are also some members on here who were members of B.I.D.K.A, The British & International Discus Keepers Association. This was a web based forum similar to UKAPS, and in its hay day was a very successful and popular forum. But, sadly due to many factors, mainly the twice cancelled British Discus Show, then the inability to host photographs or videos, the interest dropped off to the point where it ground to a halt.

Very sad, but our of over 6,000 members only the odd sad few including me dropped in for a look every now and again....and...roll tumbleweed sound effects...it was dead.

Despite several attempts to resurrect it, it was like trying to nail blancmange to a ceiling, nothing doing. So after some discussion a few of us decided to form a new Facebook Group and called it B.I.D.K.A 2. It is now up and running and can be found by following the link posted below.


I would like to invite anyone with an interest in keeping Discus Fish and give a warm welcome to anyone who particularly loves to see a beautiful planted Discus Aquarium! But to be honest any experienced members of UKAPS are also welcome.

We only have a few members at the moment, but this will grow, I know it. We already have Line Saeter and Lars Roald Johansen from Norway joined us. Line Saeter has already produced an article on how she has managed to achieve the perfect balance of colourful healthy plants, with...wait for it...the most gorgeous pair of Discus in harmony with their surroundings.

So come along and have a look. If you like what you see, apply to join. However please be aware there are a few strict but reasonable rules on membership, and you are requested to complete three simple questions as part of the application. We have done this because we want this to be a quality group, with quality members, with a reputation worthy of our original B.I.D.K.A Forum.

Thank you and I hope to see you soon.