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New Aquascape Best Way To Trim

Daniel Hesketh

29 Jul 2016
Manchester UK
Planted my first higher tech aquacape a few weeks ago. The plants are doing well so far and algae is for now at least minimal (may not stay this way but so far so good :). Back ground plants are ludwiga repens, tiger lilly and pogostemon stellatus.

The growth is much quicker than in my older tank without Co2 and the stems are ready for a trim. Would it be best to:
A - trim the tops from the ludwiga/pogostemon and replant, leaving the bottoms in place.
B - As above but remove the bottoms
C - trim pretty short and remove the tops (allowing the bottoms to grow back bushier)

Also the tiger lilly is starting to put a lot of stems and really quickly. If I cut some of these away to the base will I do any damage to the plant or is there another way to rein it back a bit?

Feel like could do with another small plant to fill in some of the gaps. Any ideas/advice on improvements would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance



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