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Neil's Wabi Kusa


25 Jun 2009
Basingstoke, Hampshire
Afternoon :wave:

I wanted to post some pictures up of my now matured wabi thats ready to go. At the moment its home is a Do!Aqua Plant Glass but I do intend to transfer it to a Do!Aqua Mini-S or Mini-M in the future as the basis for a shrimp tank.

Been reading 'The Book of ADA' and also watching 'ADA View' on youtube, both very inspirational. Amazing photography and easy to follow information. Makes me want to spend my worldly wealth on Do!Aqua stuff though :thumbdown:




I hope to keep this updated with the transition to shrimp tank in the future and also post any new wabi's

Thanks for looking,
Cheers spyder. I'm keeping my exact process a trade secret until I can do the same thing a few more times :shh: . I'll say that it doesn't contain any string/cotton or moss though.

Answers on the back of a postcard :lol:
Cheers again guys

I've just had a rather long search looking on the Japanese Patent Office Database and it appears that my method isn't the same as ADA's production as mine doesn't make use of any binding material or weight inside the ball. Thats that mystery solved.

So far so good on how its coping at the moment. Need to order a Do!Aqua Mini tank soon :)