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Need help with Angel Fish and Flow as well as plants


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8 Jun 2017
Hello my name is Jorge, actually i am a week old in this hobby and fish keeping all together
For my tank im not looking to emmulate any particular style im just going freestyle hope it works
I have a 65 gal tank, with a aquatop CF400-UV i have no idea what the flow rate is (all i know is that the guy at the fish store said it was sufficient), also have a fluval T5 pro for fresh water plants currently on for 8 hours a day, i don't use CO2, have a QP-5 pump and as of the moment I haven't changed the water but plan on doing it every week, started out 3 days ago with this tank with the Fritz-Zyme Turbostart 700 and today my ammonia and nitrates levels where in the green for new fish, got 2 I believe koi angelfish and a fire eel but have noticed that the angel fish are always tucked in a corner away from the flow i don't know how to set it slow enough for them to be comfortably swimming in the tank. Also need advice on how to create a carpet style for the substrate part of the tank.
Also have a small 10 gal tank with 2 bala sharks, 1 gold dojo loach, two tetras and a rainbow shark; as of equipment for this tank im not sure what kind of lights it has but i have a small flow filter and so far all is good.

Hope we can start this thread going with all of your advice
thank you and sorry for the bad english
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19 Dec 2015
Honestly, go and take those fish back. New fish will tend to hide, so nothing new their with your angels, but the Fire Eel will eventually eat them. I would be mostly concerned about water quality here as the tank will not have cycled.

The second tank you have, is also far too small.. Bala Sharks (Balantiocheilos melanopterus) grow to 30cm +

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