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Nano Tank Filtration Solution - Help


4 Oct 2020
Hi all,

I am looking at building a nano scape at some point in the new year and I am just trying to finalise my equipment choices and was after some extra opinions.
The tank will either be the Aquarium Gardens Optiwhite 36 or 45 as both of these fit the space I have picked out for the scape and lighting will be supplied by an ONF Flat Nano I already own.
Stocking will be light, either a Betta or Chili Rasboras.

Filter choices are either the Seachem 35 or a Filtosmart (Thermo) 200.
There are many pros and cons to each such as being able to see the Seachem vs the hidden Oase. Whereas the Oase and the glassware would mean more maintenance etc.

In the experience of this forum, which do you think would better suit the set up? My main concern is the 200 pushing out too much flow however I would like the 200 in case I ever move the tank to a larger size. Would a glass spin outlet solve this?

Thanks all for your thoughts and opinions!


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