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My Movember

16 Aug 2010
I hope it's ok to post this mods, I'm raising money for men's health by growing some fine facial hair.

http://uk.movember.com/mospace/1733800/ Donate here if you like! :eek:

This is a week's growth and no I am not wearing pink lipstick :lol:

Where's the hair?
I once had an Italian girlfriend whose mother had better mustache :lol:
Just kidding, good luck with your fund raising.
I`m looking forward to the missus taking part in Fannuary.
How did it go? My pal did this I'll post up his mo soon,
Jeez....that jumper made me laugh, your're onto a winner with that one. Would love to know where you bought it?

thanks for sharing :thumbup:
Gary Nelson said:
Holy poop! That's not a good look mate...lol only joking, a really good charity, have you done well in raising funds?

Just over £100, not as well as I'd hoped.

The jumper is from Primark, no way am I spending good money on an awful jumper! I'm dreading wearing it out.