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Mount Manten, the Beginings...


30 Jul 2007
Greetings 'scapers
A couple of photos of an Iwagumi style idea for my 100x50cm.

Plants are likely to be Riccia stones and Glosso in the front. Hairgrass and a Blyxa tufts at the back, possibly some stems behind the main stones...
Please excuse photography, background and tempoary use of compost. I do have a few smaller bits of stone, just thinking about what they might 'add', what's going to be visible long term and the overall balance. Any comments and critique welcome:D



Cheers, Pete.
Wow pete! Looking really nice! Great formation on the central stone. Theres some £250 worth of rocks there I'd estimate?!

Thanks Nathan
It's actually 2 pieces, which i think look their best this way, as opossed to 'split'.
Even though i got the largest piece in Thailand, together it's probably more than that figure:rolleyes:
Banking up the aquasoil is gonna cost a bit too, or i could let some Hydrocotle fill the back out...
I like that Pete. Looks like a lot of time has gone into arranging the rocks.:)
OK chaps, here is another variation, same same but different...

Dove from above

The more smaller pieces i add the more the depth seems exagerated, which is fine.
Once the fiddly bits come out, the more i think it should have a gravel front perhaps, like a coastline.
Easy street would be glosso i guess, once the pots are dealt with it's sit back and watch it carpet:cigar:
I'd really like an HC carpet though, as i have struggled with it before, maybe i should have made Victor Lantos an offer when his went up in the world:lol:
Um Manten? Lol
Yeah I was thinking that but no where actually said it. You guys are are silly with your money lol!

Formation is looking great :) I prefer that variation!

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Thanks Jack, yes i preffer that one too. A bit of trial and error with the front stones from here i think.
It's one thing to set them into dry compost, i hope i'm not swearing at instability when in wet Aquasoil...