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Mission Bathtub 2021 - Better late than never.


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16 Apr 2015
Winter is closing in, it getting ready to take action and be drained if it needs to, but till now it's still soft weather with only minor frost at night.

The watermint in the filter has grown like mad but soon will die off completely, the cyperus in the middle is from seed sown in the spring...
IMG_20211113_140719123 (Groot).jpg

Myriophyllum brasiliensis and Hydrocotyle leucocephala and Hydrocotyl vulgaris all did well this year.
IMG_20211113_140737084 (Groot).jpg

And some more Watermint... :)
IMG_20211113_140748205 (Groot).jpg

This is the colour of how the Bog Fern ends his year, I'm not sure if it needs the winter, I suspect so because I was unable to overwinter this plant indoors.
It died and never really came back and slowly disappeared completely. And outdoors this plant is unstoppable comes back each year twice as strong. This one grows as an epiphyte on the tubs oakwood.
IMG_20211113_142441052 (Groot).jpg

The Tropaeolum majus keeps on flowering all year as long as it's not freezing too much...
IMG_20211113_141714539 (Groot).jpg

How fast time flies and summers end...