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I'm from a technical background, I guess I got it from my dad he was a Maintenance mechanic in the coal mines working underground. During the day and late shifts, coal was mined and during the night shifts the maintenance came in. So I didn't see much of my dad and didn't learn much from him, he was sleeping when I was running around and working when I was sleeping. Can't blame him for that after all he had 8 mouths to feed and I was cared for and fed very well.

Anyway back in the day I was a busy little bugger always running around and hard to control, school authorities didn't care much for diagnosis and I was considered a Bussy Child with pepper on his ass. Much later in life reading about things I found out that I'm probably affected by what is called ADHD today. I didn't care much for sitting around all day reading books, there was too much to see and to explore in the world around me. So I didn't do very well at school and soon they decided I needed special education for kids with learning difficulties, same education but with smaller groups and more personal attention. It's not that I had learning difficulties, but I couldn't be forced to do what was told for very long. I always wanted more and rather do something else that piqued my interest more at the moment.

That's where my dad came in and his tool shed and he was never around so I had a free game in that Walhalla of tools. And as long as I remember I had the urge to open and or take apart anything that had screws in it, name it if it had a screw or a nut I went for it to satisfy my curiosity. Genetic susceptibility I guess... As a kid, I was an outsider nobody could pinpoint either in the toolshed taking things apart and trying to build them back together or running around in the forest jumping into ponds to see what I could find in there, taking it home and studying it. These things always where my main interests. Mechanics and other technical stuff and biology, anatomy and biomechanics. And since I was raised bilingual languages came somewhat naturally to me and learned to speak 4 relatively fluently. 1 became a bit rusty due to the lack of practice, but drop me in the middle and will pick it back up again soon.

As I got older the ADHD changed into ADD and became less hyper, since reading books and sitting still for hours and hours reading about the same content wasn't my thing and liked switching the subject often and working with my hands. My first education and degree were in Blacksmithing and welding and I liked metalworking so much that after that I did a degree in mechanical engineering followed by Toolmaker. Meanwhile, my brother-in-law had a plumbing company where I worked in my spare time and holidays. After I got my degree in Toolmaking he offered me a full-time job but only if I also got a degree in Installation Technology so I did and went back to day school again for 2 more years to get that.

Working for family doesn't seem very fruitfully This full-time job didn't last long. So I switched and worked some years for different companies in the plumbing, piping other technical installations and mechanical industries, retired from this due to medical issues and went back to school to do IT and worked for 7 more years at a local education centre as an IT professional. A few years back I retired from this again due to medical issues and now I'm just doing hobbies and interests... Designing and building things, Fixing things, restoring things whatever as long as it has moving parts and wires etc. loving nature, my tanks, my fish and plants and cooking and drinking beer and I'm happy.

I guess I still got pepper on my ass but I don't come over as being hyper at least I'm not physically hyper and not bouncing around but more mentally hyper. I did and still do a lot of different things at the same time, Always said I don't have hobbies. But it is more like I have too many and can't decide what my true hobby and or interest is. I'm not 100% specialized in anything I rather know just enough about many things than know all of a little with 2 left hands. As long as it concerns mechanics and electronics and building, restoring or fixing and or biology then I'm in and going for it. I don't know any better and it is what it is, but some people said I have an impressive curriculum vitae. And I intentionally leave things out because I always thought nobody was going to believe this and the story becomes much too long. I guess that's the dark side of having ADHD. I also guess they have it very wrong it's not "Attention Deficit Disorder" it's "Forced Attention Deficit" The norm has 1 big bucket to fill and ADD has 10 smaller buckets to fill. :playful: It simply needs more time than they are willing to give hence Disorder. :geek:
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