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I left school with out a clue as to what I wanted to do :?: . Worked in Selfridges London for a while, then in an Opticians. Then had various secretarial/admin jobs until I had my daughter at which point I childminded for a while. Went back to admin jobs :bored:. Completed the Certificate of School Business Management 2 years ago and have worked as a Finance Manager in a primary school since then. Best job I've ever had love love love it :D :D
BSc Hons Conservation Biology now working in the local airport with helicopters.
Started in the kitchen part time at 14 finished school at 16 went into work as full time chef got c and g 2 and 3 did this till 18 (fed up with getting underpaid and overworked at several restaurants) started roofing for my dad in suffolk and got into lead work (meant to be groomed to take over but dad enjoyed work too much so never looked on the cards. Left after much encouragement to do an access to he science course so I could study veterinary medicine. Met my mrs, only got one conditional offer for Bristol (hoping for london so could commute) couldn't afford to relocate so stopped on the course and started my own little roofing firm working in london an surrounding areas. (I will do vet med when I win the lottery. Still need something to do even if your a millionaire and may as well be something you love)
Part time html and css writer, seo specialist, couple of small businesses,part time builder ( helping family member currently ) full time dad of 4 soon to be 5. Basically busy as hell but still find time to spend on here lol
HarryRobinson said:
A's and A*'s in GCSE's, A levels, then hopefully medical school ;)
all I can say Harry is stay focused! I always wanted to be a vet when I was younger but I got a part time job doing cooking which I enjoyed at the time (and enjoyed earning £100+ a week at 14 on summer holidays even more!) so when I left school I carried on doing it as i enjoyed the money so much (or spending the money anyway) by the time I realised that although the work was ok, the fact it wasn't veterinary and the money wasn't great full time it was kind of too late to do much. And when I did finally try I met the love of my life and vet med was more than I could afford. Long story short. Don't lose your focus on med school :)
Raised myself since 15,
Joined the army at 17 in 2008, served 8 years before being medically discharged in 2016.
I then went onto work for a motorsport charity where I had the opportunity to work with some amazing clients before being let go in 2018 because I received a medical suspension on my license (there’s more than I care to share to that story).

After a long year unemployed I gained a job on the railway, I worked hard enough and long enough to eventually earn a 6 figure salary, but that came with the sacrifice of not seeing my wife and daughter much.

So I made a change.

I’m now a freight train driver and love my job, and my family love having me around more.

That’s me in a nutshell.
Thanks for getting the ball rolling again @seedoubleyou that’s an amazing life story. Glad it’s worked out for you. Train driver has got to be up there with the most sort after professions. Well at least it is for me. I’m lucky to live near the line of the Great Central Heritage Railway. Absolutely love all those old steam engines and diesels and heavy engineering 🙂
I've noticed on a few forums that a lot of people come from an engineering, technical or scientific backgroun
Well... and there is a well.... left school on my 16th birthday (October) said I'd go back for exams in June, but never did. Spent 16yrs addicted to illicit substances, stumbled in the dark for another 10 yrs, and then found ukaps. There's more, and there is always more, but... and there is always a but... Non, je ne regrette rien"
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I had a tank as a teenager. I became disabled with ME when I was a student. Spent my life as an artist and poet as it was the only thing I could adapt to limited energy and walking. I mostly work on projects relating to healing, including cancer, organ donation and SAD. Recently I created Scotland's Covid memorial, which was a very humbling and wonderful task to have. I got Long Covid in the week before lockdown and it limits my walking to 150m, though I have an e-scooter to get to a nearby parks and the botanical garden. I began to keep fish again in that first year of the pandemic, as access to nature was so much harder. It feels an especial comfort during winter. I now have 3 tanks, all relatively small. I've learnt so much from this site and appreciate the hidden and sometimes revealed vulnerabilities and life stories, the varieties of life experience, and the insights people bring.
I got thrown out of school with a handful of mediocre qualifications. I wasn’t a very good student and perhaps more than a little disruptive, but didn’t realise at the time I have dyslexia.

I spent a few years on the dole and in dead-end jobs, including an assistant in a tropical fish wholesalers. Woke up one morning and decided I wanted to go to university to study natural history and science. So I applied despite not having A levels or any other equivalent qualifications.

Luckily for me the admissions officer was an ecologist, and it was still a time when not many went to uni. The conversation turned to my interests, which were as they remain now, aquatic plants, tropical fish and marine invertebrates. We seemed to hit it off, and I spent most the afternoon with him.

A few days later an unconditional offer turned up in the post. I eventually left Uni with 2 science degrees and a PGCE. I got halfway through degree number 3, researching wetland hydrology and conservation, when I had to abandon it due to a change in circumstances. I remain very grateful to that ecologist who gave a lost soul a chance, and who later became my research supervisor.

I then spent stints as a research ecologist, conservation officer, ecological consultant, and lecturer and teacher. But my working life has been a bit random. My health isn’t always the best. So I’ve done loads of other unrelated jobs and been self-employed, and a stay at home dad. Which is okay, especially since it’s also given me time to help run UKAPS ;)