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Lurker finally says hello!


6 Oct 2012
Hi everyone :) long time lurker, new poster.

Thought I'd just give myself a quick introduction. Well, my name is Coral and I'm a student who recently got into fish keeping, much to my loan's discomfort haha. On a whim I went into a pet shop and fell in love with black moors, so I went home and did some research and realised I couldn't quite afford a big fancy goldfish tank so I ended up with a 25l tank that was intended for a betta. Long story short, ended up with 6 neon tetras and 2 peppered corys. I then spent a long time researching all manors of fishkeeping and now have a second-hand planted 180l tank. I tried to use the Walstad method, thinking I understood it but clearly I did not :) and have had to add ferts and diy yeast CO2 and am still having a few problems. It's all a big learning experience for me, and I've only been keeping fish since August so I hope things can only get better while I stalk the forums and learn lots from you guys and gals :)


Had algae problems, reduced my lighting by a few hours but it hasn't stopped growing. And my echinodorus ocelot has got lots of yellow pinholes and the echinodorus on the left gets lots of big ugly crinkly leaves and melting leaves. I've been trying to find some otos for ages with no luck :( I know that's no solution to my algae but I wanted some anyway and they'll have something to eat!

P.S. I have since hidden the filters better :D but there is quite a bit of flow in there, not sure the tetras enjoy it as they're always at the bottom of the tank :( might look into an external after Christmas.
Fantastic layout, really really like it.

I suggest you post up the following info if you're after help:

- Fert dosing - what and when
- CO2 regime
- Filtration/amount of flow
- Light intensity and photoperiod
Hello welcome to the forum :

nice looking tank, feel free to ask away. Best place to start is with a journal.
Thanks for the welcomes, and compliments :) got a nice surprise of Cory eggs this morning so even if it's not perfect yet the fish must like it!

I will definately be looking into getting pressurised CO2 in the new year, I found one of my adult corys slurping up the bubbles in the diffuser today...not sure if he's quick right in the head :) but he seemed ok. (Maybe he just has a taste for fermented jelly!)

I'd set up a journal on a local forum so I can easily transfer it all over at some point :)