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Lucky with neocaridina

Discussion in 'FreshWaterShrimp' started by JOKOwin, 29 Sep 2016.

  1. JOKOwin

    JOKOwin Newly Registered

    My nephew breed about 20 mixed neocaridina and now there are hundreds of them in his tank. I just sink the net and bring home about 20 shrimps. In a couple of weeks, I saw shrimplets but they're too small to shot. I love my neocaridina, some of them are genuine actors:

    Blue rili.jpg berried rili.jpg srimp.jpg cerry.jpg cerry 2.jpg rili.jpg

    Attached Files:

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  2. Aqua360

    Aqua360 Member

    Nice mix :)
  3. rebel

    rebel Member

    This is how they should be displayed!! Nice.
    JOKOwin likes this.
  4. JOKOwin

    JOKOwin Newly Registered

    Sure Rebel.., but I think I need micro lens or pro photographer's help. But, no matter how the picture taken, I believe pregnant women always look beautiful, and so berried shrimp.
    berried 1.jpg

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