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liquid carbon based tanks


27 Apr 2010
giving serious consideration to selling on my reg etc and going to a liquid carbon based tank . what im trying to find is a good comprehensive list of plants for such a setup ( not sure wether its classed low tech or "mid tech" . anybody got any good links please ?
I have been looking into this as my tank is going to be using liquid carbon, ive struggled to find any definitive answer to what plants work and what dont but from what ive gathered vallis and riccia are a no go but ive seen threads on various other forums where people say they have had no issues with vallis or riccia, the only thing ive seen that keeps coming up is you have to be very careful spot dosing alot of plants with hc being noted as very prone to melting when spot dosed.
By no means take any of this as gospel as I say ive found very little thats definitive so I believe any tank using liquid carbon is going to be trail and error
My val is fine with daily dose but turn the filter off and dose close to it and its a gonner
its just something im giving consideration to at the moment , as right now pressurised is doing my head in :banghead: . having eliminated everything else im sure its the root of my lacklustre plants . cranked it up yet further yesterday . still getting some hair algae , although to be fair , it does seem to be slowly reducing .
The only plant I've had trouble with when using liquid carbon is pellia. Everything else - including vallis (which still grew and reproduced rampantly!) - was fine. Even mosses. I've got hc in a small tank that's dosed with liquid carbon and that is also growing well. I've never spot dosed it though so have no idea how it would be affected. I find growth on my echinodorus is slower than when I was trying to get to grips with CO2 but that's no bad thing as it was just ridiculously fast growing!!