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Limnophila Sessiflora help needed


24 Mar 2021

I have a problem with my Limnophila Sessiflora in one of my tanks. I have three different tanks, all of which have this plant in it. All of the tanks are low tech, I am dosing LiquiCarbo, and Aqulife TF Macro daily, and Aqualife TF Planter weekly according to the instructions on the bottles. I only experience the problem in one of the tanks. The tank in question is around 12 gallon, with an 11W LED on top for around 8 hours daily. All the other plants look healthy. The Limnophila is growing nice as well, I routinely clip the top off and replant it. I have done a rescape about one week ago, that's when I planted the Limnophila in the tank. I had the same problem before in this same tank with an other plant too (Hygrophila Difformis). The problem is, that the older leaves turn dark green, and curl up. As time progresses more and more leaves curl up, till only the very top, the newest leaves remain vibrant green, and straight. I suspected NO3 deficiency, but now i dose that too with the Macro. Even the neighbouring stem of the same plant seems unaffected as you can see on the photos.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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