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juwel korall 60 light keeps getting bust. Recommend new light.

26 Feb 2013
I have a small juwel low tech planted tank, 54 litre 60x30x30cm.

I've had it only since around September last year and the light broke 3 times.
I am in the process of getting another replacement light again from the seller as it's still in warranty, but I see no point as it kind of works for a few months, then starts turning itself on and off again until it eventually stops turning on at all and I currently have no spare one in order to wait for another replacement.

The wattage advertised is 20W, but I am not sure what the actual light levels are, but it does the job.

I am just wondering if anyone can recommend any decent replacement light? I just lost my patience with this one. The problem is the tank has a hood and I'd rather keep this tank closed but I am not sure I can fit anything inside as it's just a piece of plastic with a hook to keep the current bulb in.

Otherwise the tank is rimless, the stand is bigger than the tank so I can put any type of light unit besides a suspended one from the ceiling.


29 Jun 2012
Ayrshire, Scotland
I wish I had seen these before chucking out my korall hood
Mouse over image to zoom
  • $%28KGrHqN,%21k8FC3oO3w1gBR%21q8O6kr%21%7E%7E60_14.JPG
  • $T2eC16dHJHQE9nzEzq0sBQ0zShWck%21%7E%7E60_14.JPG
  • $%28KGrHqNHJEYFCbi8NO5MBQuNvS2qZ%21%7E%7E60_14.JPG
  • $%28KGrHqF,%21qkFCSkLMNlcBQuNvNyszw%7E%7E60_14.JPG
  • $%28KGrHqVHJFYFGWZ7FSOoBRq4dWCkfw%7E%7E60_14.JPG
  • $T2eC16JHJHkFFl7gHq5QBRq5EE6FHw%7E%7E60_14.JPG
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