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Just orderd Arcadia Luminaire32"4xt5 for£129new ingonre now


2 Feb 2008
Watford, Hertfordshire
Hey everyone, I currently am using the original T8 light bar plus two additional T8's on a controller which fits all nicely into the hood, the center of the tank's growth is fine but the side are very poor, I have good circulation and plenty of CO2 but the HC only flourishes in the center and the light bulbs of the t8 don't span the hole length of the tank which leads me to believe I must upgrade my lighting.

If I replaced the T8 Units with T5 for example the T5 I bar and a twin T5 controller would this improve me growth at the sides or would I have to go for some sort of Luminare or some sort of lighting that would span the tank length...

Any advice would be appreciated.

Re: I want to upgrade my rio 125 lighting...

It may also depend on the distribution of the light. Are you using reflectors? If you aren't, that might be a cheaper test in the short term. If you are, have you tried rotating them a little to change the dispersment of the light?

T5 will give you more light, and would make a difference, but just be cautious when swapping over, as the sudden increase in light may spark spark off an algae outbreak. Try to increase it gradually, or reduce your photoperiod after installation and slowly increase it.
Re: I want to upgrade my rio 125 lighting...

I purchased a 4x24w T5 for my tank and works a treat, but I do strugle to grow HC. I have since added another 2x24w T5 luminnaire but haven't been using it lately, might give it a try again if the HC that I have in the tank strugles.

I can take some photos of it if you like. The problem with the Rio is that its 80cm long, 24w tubes are 54cm and 39w tubes are 84cm so we can only use 24w tubes.
Re: I want to upgrade my rio 125 lighting...

Vito said:
Damn juwel design, i have been really craving to buy an new tank and my heart is set on an opti and some expensive goodies to go with but i have to save up...

You could always buy a Metal Halide luminaire/pendant, they are much smaller in size and much more powerful, and then you could use that on your opti-white when you come around to buying it.
Re: I want to upgrade my rio 125 lighting...

Hey guys could some one point me in the right direction of a light unit I need something thats going to span my 81cm tank but also will be suitable if I upgrade to a 3 footer, I know its only 10 cm difference i am going to remove the braces and plastic from the top and eventually invest in some glass pipes but I need the lighting first. I would like it to sit on the tank with some legs or I will hang it from a Diy Light stand thing I dont really want to spend more than £150 but I will go to £200 if its a future proof product... any suggestions or is anyone got anything for sale
Re: I want to upgrade my rio125 light*need advice on this untit*

Hey guys i have seen this light unit http://www.warehouse-aquatics.co.uk/index.php?p=product&products_id=4891&cid=1 and I just wanted to know would it suit my tank, The reason I ask is because my curent lighting doesnt span the tank and i struggle to grow the demanding plants at the edges, from looking at some tanks on here with suspended lighting the dont seem to span the whole tank and appear to have great success.
Is it better to have Halide or T5's and whats the benifit?

PLease help