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DIY Project Jerry can auto shut off


3 Sep 2010
Barnstaple, Devon
Hi all
Thought this may be helpful for some people.
I just made an auto shut off for when filling my Jerry cans with RO.
No need to drill the can, just the lid.
All u need is a float switch, a 1/4” push-fit bulkhead, about an inch of pipe, and 2 1/4” elbows.

Drill a hole in the middle of the lid and insert the bulkhead.
Do the nut up but not tight you need to still to be able to rotate the bulkhead from the outside.
Insert the inch of pipe into the inside side of the bulkhead then an elbow, then the float switch.

Then it’s your choice whether to add an elbow to the outside...... I used an elbow with a fixed stem.
The outer elbow is purely your choice I just thought it would be easier for filling.
Also, make sure to drill a small breather hole in the lid, the reason not to fully tighten the nut is so when you do up the lid you can position the float to the optimum position.
In my case, it’s at an angle due to there being an indent in the top of the can, so I can get a maximum fill.
Hope this is of help to someone!
I know some people have tried drilling the actual cans..... but personally, I think that is a bad idea if things change.
My way you can just buy a new lid off eBay if things do change.

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