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JBL u001 regulator 'O' ring (two options)


20 May 2021
Hey guys! This is my first post here! I just recently re-ignited my passion for aquarium (after 9 years) and started reading all over again and your forums are TOP!

Now on to main question, as I have the u001 regulator (the disposable one) the o ring of course doesnt do the job anymore, so I went to the interned to buy a replacement one. The thing is that now I found two options!

I found the original one 6333600 (flat o ring) and I guess a newer model the 6444400 (round o ring) on their specs JBL states that they are the same size but of course they look different.

My dilemma is that the site I want to order from doesnt have the original flat one but only the newer model so I was wondering if any of you genius guys knows if the newer one will still be compatible with my regulator.

I really scoured the whole internet and found no answer!

Thanks guys!


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