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JBL Cristal Profi E-Series


8 Mar 2009
I am looking to buy another external Filter on my 200 liter tank I have a Eheim 2073 and I used to have a Tetra Tec EX 600 but I want to change it because the flow from it is poor.I have been looking at the JBL ones and see they get good write ups and I was thinking about the 900 LPH one I know the flow rate will be less but I can get one for 76 quid 😀 .Dose anybody have experience with the JBL E-Series?
I have ordered a 900 one that coupled with a Eheim 2073 and a Korlina 2 powerhead should have plenty of flow :lol:
I got it set up and its great very easy to get going,good quality fittings and its silent 😀
as an ex JBL emploee i saw these filters in pre and obviously post production. their predecessors were quite honestly pants but these ones (i have one running on a tank at present) seem to be very good value.

i have and always will be an eheim man but i do think these are a good contender...........................long term tests will tell.
I too am using 2 x 1500's on a 350L tank at a MA store. there almost inaudible. the longevity i've still yet to see but i'd use one @ home for sure. 😀

you can just see them...

I have a Eheim 2073 and thats a great but the JBL was almost half the price but not half the filter for a start its quiter than the Eheim,Similar flow ect
A little update the JBL is still going fine no problems at all 😀
This filter is really good.I have no problems with it at all.I gave it a quick clean but it was not that dirty the Eheim 2073 I think dose most of the work 😀 The flow is still good and its silent.I am very pleased with it.
The larger e1500 looks quite nice and good value although not the most energy efficient IMO at 35W, the smaller ones do a degree better energy efficiency wise and are comparable to other filters on the market, e900 is 15w and the e700 is 13w.