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Issue with Fluval 205


22 Jun 2008
Berkshire, UK
Hi Guys

Just realised yesterday evening that for some odd reason my Fluval isn't pushing out much water. So, turned it off at the main, pulled the plunger a few times up and down fearing I might have air in the lines, and turned it on. I could then see that it was back to normal. Yet this morning I checked again and the output of the filter was like a little trickle. I had to tun it of at the main again and back on, and then it began to push out water asd normal.

Is my filter dying or is there anyting obvious I can do to try to fix it? What I dont understand is that it works once I turn it on and off at the mains, yet after long periods of time (say 4-8 hours) it dwindles down to a trickle.

Any help appreciated
Cheers guys, never thought to check the pipes. Soon as I get in from work I'll have a quick look