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Is this Rare?


8 Mar 2009
I have a few Nerite snails in my tank there is two of them which seems to be very keen on laying eggs everywhere not rare I know but not that long ago while doing a water change I noticed on the sand a very small Nerite snail with the same markings as the two who lay the eggs.Now I can only presume that a egg hatched and the tiny Nerite grew somehow without Brackish water?Unfortunalty one of my Assisian snails must have eaten it because the shell was empty :thumbdown:
I did not try to raise any of the eggs or do anything differently them tiny Snail just appeared :thumbup:
Are you certain it's a Nerite? Some of the pest snails I've seen in the past have similar markings.
Yip its not a pest snail it even had those little spikes on it.The two parents are those Porcupine Nerites I got from Aqua Essentials awhile back.
Hi all,
I think it might be a Clithon species, some of these are entirely freshwater (rather than being euryhaline) so that might explain the successful breeding, although apparently feeding the planktonic larvae is very difficult .

Teh other possibility is Theodoxus fluviatilis? or Vitta usnea? they have advanced breeding with baby snails (like MTS), but I don't know anything about them (or how they look).

cheers Darrel
Does this mean that your assassins are not killing your Clithon's (except the baby ones?). Have you had any other survivng veligers? Pretty cool!