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Is this Glosso???


4 Feb 2010
I have ordered some Glosso which arrived today and to my surprise this is what I got...... to me this looks like anything but Glosso unless maybe this is cultivated emersed?




The following is what I thought to be Glosso which got into the tank by mistake on some HC which I had purchased some weeks ago (the HC died, never had luck with that one) and this is what grew out of two leaves.....


I look forward to your comments / suggestions.

It's glosso.

Separate it into individual plantlets and it will carpet more effectively.
Great. Thanks for your input. I will take it out and replant as advised.
I have now gone through the pain stacking work of taking all of the glosso out and replanted in in individual stem..... Couldnt feel my back afterwards 🙂

Some of the stems still stick out of the gravel by one to two inches. Should I leave them that way or should I cut off the tops and shorten them?
I am seeing a lot of growth at the top tips which is about an inch above substrate. Should I trim the glosso or will it eventually also send shoots from below?
Don't you struggle keeping the little plantlets planted with your corys running about? Mine uproot everything looking for snacks. I had to plant my glosso and hc in fairly large clumps still in the rock wool to keep it planted.
To be honest I have no problems with the corys. It was the plecs which used to do my head in since they were really clumsy. HC I never had any luck with but not because it was being uprooted.....