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Is an inline reactor really better than an inline diffuser?

Discussion in 'Carbon Dioxide (CO2)' started by Andrew Butler, 8 Jan 2018.

  1. Andrew Butler

    Andrew Butler Member

    Banbury, Oxfordshire
    So I had got someone lined up to make one who seemed very excited but when people start not getting back to you I lose trust so I have knocked him on the head.
    I've had a chat with a company I have had products from before and they are happy to make them for me. Does anyone else want one while they're at it?
    It will be untested but I have a design in mind I think will work.

    I decided a freestanding unit with an overall height of around 55cm is a good height.
    that would be a 45cm cylinder sat on a 10cm plinth or thereabouts
    The cylinder would be 8-10cm diameter
    1/2" BSP inlet at the top and bottom so you can screw what you want on but they will glue the size hose barb you want *could be bigger if you need it.
    2x 6mm pushfit connectors threaded into the top; one for the CO2 in, the other to release trapped gas
    Hopefully on the inside of the CO2 inlet we can fit a piece of clear acrylic tube to inject the CO2 lower down in the cylinder.
    Also have a 6mm pushfit at the bottom to drain the canister when it comes to cleaning time
    Thinking a removable grill inside the bottom of the cylinder so if you feel the need to add bio balls you can without worrying they will block the outlet

    What are everyone's thoughts?
    I'm sure there's more but can't think right now!

    They won't make one offs but will make the 3 I want so if anyone else wants one adding on looks like they will be around £70-80; the same kind of money as the aqua medic 1000.
    I'm just waiting to find out exactly what fittings will be included and postage etc but I'm thinking it needs extra valves for the gas and water at the bottom, maybe a non return for the CO2.
    I have a source for these parts in the UK though at a very good price.

    On a separate note this is something I'm considering trying inside my canister; it's called and eductor mixing nozzle which sucks water in using the venturi principal so might help things but won't know until I try
    A few renderings of roughly what I'm thinking..........
    1.jpg 2.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
  2. ian_m

    ian_m Global Moderator Staff Member

    Might work, but I suspect not, as these generally require quite high pressure inlets, normally in the couple of bar range. A typical aquarium pump eg JBL1000 is only 0.15bar (1.5m head output of 10m).

    A quick Google reveals working pressures typically 10-50bar...whoops.

    You are right about isolation and drain valves to reduce and ease maintance.

    Rubber feet somewere to stop any pump vibrations passing into your cabinet ?
  3. Andrew Butler

    Andrew Butler Member

    Banbury, Oxfordshire
    I know that's why I'm not so sure but I have a sample to try. I've also got a pigs tail spiral inlet to try and create a bit of a vortex but think the opening looks a little small.

    This is something I also had on my list but forgot to write.
  4. foxfish

    foxfish Member

  5. Andrew Butler

    Andrew Butler Member

    Banbury, Oxfordshire
  6. hogan53

    hogan53 Global Moderator Staff Member

    Hemel Hempstead
    Micro bubbles are a indicator where the Co2 is being dispersed around the aquarium.....so is a good thing in my experience!
    You can observe if you have a flow distribution problem easily when it comes to Co2 implementation!
    Plants love those little tiny micro bubbles clinging to their leaves!
    Better carbon absorption....less waste Co2!
    I've grown plants outwith the substrate, nice and healthily using decent Co2 using the older version UP atomiser!
    The UP Atomiser may have faults but its got its advantages.....;)
  7. a1Matt

    a1Matt Member

    Definitely. Even without co2, a couple of large back to back water changes gets my water column bubbling enough for me to check my distribution, very handy.

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