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Ireland Grand Canal underwater video

Wonderful video (I need to get me a GoPro), that is such a vibrant aqautic habitat, most of the rivers I've seen around the uk seem relatively lifeless, just fast flowing water and rocks.

Anyone know the name of that bright green plant at the beginning (looks a bit like rotala sp green!) Is it native to Ireland (and the UK)? Looks a great deal nicer than the standard pondweed and elodea (dark green).
how all waterways should look 🙂
Wel actually some need to be able to flush large volumes of water quickly and efficiently, and these beautifull ones are not always capable of doing that, said the dutchman living 6 meters below the sea🙂:thumbup:.
Farmers are obliged to clean their waterways and ditches every year and are checked on it, municipalitys need to clean their ones and the state have to manage their big ones. Luckily 😉

Guess wich side i live:
beautiful, to be honest i expected to just see shopping trollies. didnt expect that at all, and hello from wexford 🙂