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Inline diffuser - the first few days...


26 Aug 2018
One thing to note when first setting up a brand new inline diffuser is this...

It is absolutely normal to find your new diffuser producing some large bubbles. This is a natural process our ceramic membrane goes through unitil all the pores on the membrane are open. This whole process may take 2-3 days. After that, you should see the mist of bubbles. The same applies when the ceramic membrane has been replaced during maintenance.

If things do not improve after a few days, please double check all the seals inside the diffuser. If the diffuser is not tightened enough, CO2 can escape through an open space, not the ceramic membrane. A good practice is to dismantle the diffuser completely and swap around the seals which are sealing the membrane. Then tighten body parts together. After this procedure, you should see improvement in gas dissolution.

Have you had issues like this with our inline diffuser before? let us know.


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