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Inlet/outlet on Signature

Ben C

20 Nov 2011
Witney, Oxfordshire
Hello there,

I've just bought a 600 x 450 x 300 TMC Signature and will be using gUSH glass lilies on it.
I'm not concerned about flow rate, more flow direction and specifically the best positions for the inlet and outlet pipes.

I cannot get the pipework on the sides of the tank without cutting slots in the cabinet, which I don't want to do, so they are going to have to be rear-mounted. What is the best positioning for these?

I propose the below, whereby the outlet (and consequently the CO2 from the inline diffuser) washes over the wood, which will have moss, microsorum etc attached to it. The arrow shows the outlet with the direction of flow, while the circle represents the inlet.


Or is there a better set up entirely?

Thanks all,

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