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Journal Impulsive Kusa (Picture Heavy)

Discussion in 'Wabi-Kusa' started by Courtneybst, 16 Jan 2017.

  1. Courtneybst

    Courtneybst Member

    I couldn't setup an ADA shrimp tank like I wanted...so I decided to jump on the wabi kusa bandwagon.

    It's not a typical wabi kusa grown on a clay ball, it's just substrate - inspired by Jurijs Mit JS (great guy btw). I just used regular quality compost, dragon stone and the following plants from my aquarium/garden:

    Ludwigia Palustris
    Rotala Rotundifolia
    Eleocharis Acicularis
    Cryptocoryne Amicorum
    Hydrocotyle Tripartita
    Flame Moss
    Moss from a brick wall
    Random plant pot weed

    It has two open ends so I cling film both ends and mist it with aquarium water. It is under a wall lamp but I'm also going to use the windowsill.

    I'm completely new to this wabi kusa game but please let me know what you think. It could die tomorrow for all I know lol. Am I doing things right? Wrong? Let me know. I'll keep you posted.

    24bb704d32daef9aadefbb4ae6e3c77a.jpg 621733203b0ac74d781d6645ee857590.jpg 54a0a92ff061b1e4e79b94c53f0ed8c2.jpg 2af4772b5b9b9f8184d2815651f18e06.jpg b12c2f7ba9e19079eab6e28c19eaa473.jpg 6367aaaae7bb482304d358e9fb0d305a.jpg 1c141afbc11e99a373bfd685b06c2b38.jpg

    How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  2. Million

    Million Member

    Beautiful! Any update? It's a cool container but open both ends may have made it pretty tough to keep humid, so you might have to try some diff species before striking it right

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