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Idea for my new tank :)


12 Jun 2010
Been throwing some ideas about for when I get my next tank (min 250lt max 400lt) and this is where I am,


I was planing just using about 2" of sand (not to be planted) on the lowest level (bottom right) then stepping up to 4" then 6" depths of planting substrate at the higher levels.

The tank will only be viewable from the front and right so the left and back will be used for height.

I was planning using Granite to build the two retaining/terrace walls and using soil capped with Akadama as the substrate.

I was planning using a mesh/membrane to stop the substrate filling the gaps in the walls and seeping through from behind. This would mean that the caves would be usable by my BN plec and shrimp and RCS could even hide in the small gaps along the walls.

I will also use java moss inbetween some of the rocks in the walls to add some colour to the grey.

Lastly I was considdering painting/covering the back and left sides of the tank in black to draw the eye into the tank instead of the background.


Looks great! Hurry up and get the tank!!!

Caves could be good for dwarf cichlids like apistogramma too - although I don't know what a BN plec is, but it sure sounds like it would like to eat dwarf cichlid eggs - so maybe not such a good idea.

Can't wait to see it happen (the tank, not the egg massacre 🙂 ).

I can't wait to get it lol

I'm stuck in Afghanistan till December so will be ordering everthing in ready to start the week I get home!

I see from your username you are a Vauxhall man, are you in any clubs? I'm a rep over on VVOC.
The tank has been purchased, I've got an Aqua one 300lt waiting for me when I get home.

Have also now bought a CO2 regulator and other bits from Aquaessentials so the plan is slowly coming together.

Now do I stick with the plan above or do I change the scape?