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I am a plonker!!


18 Apr 2013
Well what a plonker I am.....

I noticed a rather large leaf in the hose going from the tank to filter. So I thought right ho I will just sort that out.

I turned the filter off....removed the hose connector from the filter..got a bucket and took the hose off the connector to drain the hose into the bucket and retrieve the large leaf.....and you can guess the rest of course................ I had forgotten to lift the outflow pipe out of the aquarium!!!

I did manage to lift the pipe before the bucket filled up but not without some water on the floor!!!

The wife is not happy as the tank is in the living room and the carpet near the tank looks a little damp!!

Do you know, we have been married over 35 years, and I have never heard her use words like that!! Don't know where she learnt that language!:) :lol:
Ha ha it amazes me the language ladies come out with, I once shook my external filter to dispel some trapped air just to watch the hose pop off the connector and proceed to empty the tank, sat like an idiot with my finger over the hose wife swearing, on her way to get me a bucket :) hope your not in the dog house for too long Bertie.
Do you know, we have been married over 35 years, and I have never heard her use words like that!! Don't know where she learnt that language!
Just buy her a tank for her birthday and you will be fine ;)
i can relate to this 3 months ago i set up me first tank everything was ready me and the missus sat there as i turned everything on some daft bugger hadnt put the fillter lid on properly well after a hour mopping up and drying out the electrics i got it sorted and yes the language from me missus was not the best i now clean me fillter when she is not in because she sits there with a annoying grin on her face
Bertie you plonker!!. I was a plonker yesterday flooded the lounge, I hadn't quite turned the eheim tap off when removeing my home made acrylic pipes to reshape infront of log burner. I went to log shed for some more wood and came in to a pool under the sofa. We have laminate so not too bad but the sofa soaked a bit up as we had taken the feet off to make lower. The feet are back on and staying on.:)
I must be married to a saint! Whenever I've had a bit of a flood (and there were two or three times in quick succession once :crazy:), he helps me mop up without any recriminations :D

you have a goodun there!!! My wife gives me grief if she spots one drop on the carpet whereas if one of our kids or grandchildren drops something like coffee or ice cream it is "just one of those things" ;)
I was once syphoning tank water into my 40litre bucket (so one can see if you have syphoned something you shouldn't have) when I felt my feet getting wet :wideyed:. Was so busy planting and fiddling didn't notice bucket overflowing. Luckily I always put a large cloth folded into 4 layers on the floor before I fish fiddle, so water didn't escape into places it shouldn't. I pay more attention now :)
Never mind I had a 190 L tank on top of the wardrobe when i was living yet home at my parents with my moms work papers in the wardrobe.
One day we went for a day trip and you can guess the air pump got somehow blocked and instead pushing air it started to pull the water. The rest you can guess.... :banghead: I was grounded for a month although it was my parents who suggested to put the tank in the first place.