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Hypothetically, if you could choose only one..


29 Jul 2008
Type of fish and one type of plant, for every future scape or tank that you ever do, what what you pick?

Me, I'd have to go with the good old Harlequin Rasbora, and Hygrophillia Difformis.

Great lookin' fish, and constantly active in all water levels. Just great fun to watch all the time. Not to mention relatively cheap to buy.

And HD, I just love the patterns it grows in and the soft green colour tone. It's also not very demanding either.
I'd go for the Harlequin too :D as for the plant I'm not sure the only plant i've had success with is the Java Fern. But will be set up my first planted tank soon so hopefully that will change :lol:
If only one....Cardinal tetras and Microsorum pteropus 'petite'. Guaranteed to deliver every time!
Great question. Limiting to a single species is tough but your suggestion of harlequins and H. difformis is a great combo! Great fish and the plant can be pruned to form a nice design. They're also from the same continent so you could loosely base a biotope.

One of my favourite combos has been cardinals and hairgrass (E. acicularis).

cardinals2 by George Farmer, on Flickr