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Hemianthus Callitrichoides tips?

stressed dave

23 Jul 2009
hello all! 😀
can you help me please, i really struggle to grow Hemianthus Callitrichoides :cry: , do you have any tips and advise?
ive got a juwel 125 ltr tank using external filter and yeast c02, ph around 6, temp 28*c
thanks for your time,
regards david 😉
HC needs a lot of carbon and ferts. I've had great results growing it in a small tank using only EasyCarbo and TPN+, but on a larger tank you might want to invest in pressurised CO2 and make sure you have good circulation.
When you plant it a good, but laborious, way is to plant the individual stems 1/2 inch apart. It takes a little while before it settles, but the end result is more uniform. You can also just chuck small lumps of it into the substrate and deal with the bumps through pruning later. In either case it's a high maintenance plant once it grows in.
great thank you! ill give it a try
check out my tank for how HC grows when planted in indevidual stems, nearly 5 hours of planting and this tank is only a 60L. the link is below i think it is on page 3 the comparison of before and after.

wow, :clap: i just checked out your pictures!, your hc is doing great! ive just bought two new lights today hopefully mine should get going soon, (im thinking my hc was too damaged in the post, hardly any as survived, im just starting to get a few good green shoots now) planting in sand looks easier than me tring to plant in my eco complete stuff 🙂