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Help me find a good small lily!


11 Nov 2013
High Wycombe
I was wondering whether you guys knew of any very small lilies?

I am looking for a lily, and I do not want the leaves to be big, at all. Probably no bigger than an amazon frogbit plant? I do not want the light to be blocked out too much.

I was wondering whether you guys could recommend anything?

Hi Dom,
you could do as I do and use a Nymphaea Stellata and keep nipping the shoots off. That keeps it nice and compact. Once a leaf gets larger that you want just prune it off. I think you should not let it find the surface of the water. I usually take my shoots off when it is about half way to the surface and new shoots keep coming merrily away.
Worth mentioning I have mine partially restrained in a plastic aquatic plant pot as the root system can otherwise be massive.

Thats a good idea, you got any pictures mate?

I'm just looking for a water lily that will reach the surface yet the leaves will stay small and wont block out much light?
that looks really good, do you have any pictures mate? What sort of size did the leaves grow to? (3 inches across?)
Thats a good idea, you got any pictures mate?

I've just pruned mine down to one leaf so not worth taking a pic right now. I'm in Hospital for an operation Monday so might be out of action a few days at least but I'll try and get a pic at some point and put it on here.
I just got a Hydrocleys nymphoides for this:



Not easy to get though.
I bought one of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321094536483 off of eBay for my pond so not sure how well it would do in an aquarium but it does have very small leaves - tiny compared to the other lily's. Left to itself it's only supposed to have a maximum spread of 50 cm so pruning should keep it contained. Might be worth a look anyway :)

Thats fantastic viv, thanks! Is the Pygmaea Helvola a different species to Pygmaea rubra or is it just different flower colours etc?