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Greetings one and all.

Mark Nicholls

15 Feb 2020
Hi everyone, just a quick message to introduce myself and our tanks.
The top tank is my personal tank which is stocked with Crypts, Swords, Java fern and aponogetons. Its got a sand/gravel/pebble substrate and is fertilised using homemade ei salts and clayball substrate ferts. The filter is a basic internal and a diy co2 unit is running. The fish are cherrybarbs, a Pleco and a weather loach. The grey blob is a homemade spawning mop as the barbs are being frisky.

This is my partners tank (with a little guidance from me) and has the same plants as mine but also has some A Barteri and java moss too.
The substrate is gravel over soil and iys fertilised as above. The lighting is led strips and the hood and stand are both homemade. The wood was sourced locally and most of the plants are cuttings taken from my Fishpod. It is home to a group of Angels (one pair is spawning as I write), a school of mixed Corys and a Pleco. The filter once again is a basic internal jobbie.
Our mission is to help people on restricted budgets to enjoy the hobby.