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Getting Christmas Moss to attach?


4 Feb 2010
I have been trying for months to get my Christmas moss to attach itself to different surfaces to no avail.

I tried bog wood, moor wood and pebbles with no luck.

I tried using fishing line, sewing line and hair nets.

None of the above worked. The moss grows nicely but, does not attach itself to any of the above mentioned items, not even after a couple of months.

I am actually tempted to try super glue as I have read in some forums. What do you guys think of that here? Is there maybe something that I am not doing right?

Hello mate

As far as I know and in my experience Xmas moss will not attach itself to anything. Even I you superglue it, it'll grow but it won't climb along the wood or rock it's been glued to.

Only Moses I've know to do this are mini Taiwan moss and fissidens.

I may be wrong, but I've never had it cling to anything.
Oh and my Japan string moss clinged onto nearby wood and rock 🙂
to be honest I thought all mosses did........
I havnt noticed mine doing so, it's on branch that aren't close to much and I had enough to cover all branches so wouldnt notice it climbing the wood anyways.
I can confirm xmas moss does stick to rocks and things i have a shed load of it in my tank and it creeps to the rocks and grows on them. Attach it in clumps with fishing line wrapping it round loads of times it will grow over the line.
Hi gang
The best method is the enclosed method...in a propagator or some sort of lidded container.
You can get larger containers in Wilkinson's.
The container doesn't need masses of light.
You have to be patient and spray with fresh tap water every other day.Then the mosses will attach eventually.
These are on the window sill outside the flat.
:arrow: Christmas moss on mopani and bog wood.




Java Moss and Taiwan moss on mopani wood and manzy branch.
Dragon stone with a mixture of mosses.


Flame moss on mopani wood..... blue stone and lava rock..

The flame moss has taken a bit of a sun tan but should recover after a hair cut.

Then you put them in the aquarium and watch them change shape 😵 :crazy: :thumbup:

Nice post mate, how long have you had them growing?

The 2nd from last picture is freaking NIIIICE! haha
Great post! Will have a go with this method. Thanks for sharing.
nayr88 said:
Nice post mate, how long have you had them growing?

The 2nd from last picture is freaking NIIIICE! haha

To be honest i think the picture you quoted as been going for about 8 months but this Java moss was a guinea pig at the start.
I tried to encourage growth by spraying a solution of EI mix but it only caused problems.
EI = green algae on the wood so I washed with tap water and cleaned the wood then gave it a good hair cut.
This is the result 6 months later...it actually needs a trim because it looks like flame moss..but you can tell the difference quite easily as its a lot greener.
As i said Enclosed Method spray every few days lets some air in and that's it. 🙂
Be patient :thumbup:
Hogan how did these take to the plunge?
Did the moss transition well?
I didn't submerge the mosses as I had other projects on the go but Ive still got them on a windows sill in a bedroom.
Some have gone a rusty brown colour like you get at autumn time probably due to lack of light and temperature difference.... and also a touch of neglect :thumbdown: on my part.
Ive just started spraying them again in the last few weeks so lets see if they will return to their previous state.