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FX6 Lilly Pipe conversion


New Member
24 Sep 2023
Kent - United Kingdom
Afternoon all

I am currently looking for FX6 forum Threads for lilly pipes. I am looking to break down the how to and what not to do. Where to get them from etc. Looks much less intrusive that the Fluval intake pipe and the duckbill. Anyone have experience with this please? 24mm hose from FX6 is a bit of a beast I think and I don't want to use a reducer for the pipes as this will I think make the pump work harder due to smaller diameter hosing. Maybe I am over thinking it?

Kind regards
Pete :cool:
It shouldn’t impact the filter going for 16/22mm hosing.
The filter should only be able to return the water that’s being taken in.

But I could be wrong.
Here’s a handy calculator for understand the impacts of decreasing your hose/pipe size. You have to select what you want to see (velocity, for example), put in a diameter and flow rate, and select units.

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