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He has contacted me on how did I found out the video, so I will point him to this forum. Hopefully he will join and share his knowledge with us.

If the video is as good as the preview, I will buy more copies, it is a good material to use at schools.

Just got the dvd, took a while to get here, but well worth the wait.

It is impressive to see the habitats, the underwater scenes are truly amazing, and a really good find.

I contacted him and he has told me that they organize trips as well, so I may do it, sooner rather than later.

Go ahead and buy the DVD, you will not regret it.
Thanks Luis for your opinion. I'am now sure 100% that I will buy this movie, before I was sure only 95% :D .

Edit: Done :D .

The video is great, and leaves you wanting for more. It runs at 45 minutes. I have contacted the guy asking for prices for a guided expedition, as this is something that I would like to do.
I've recived my copy last weekend and it is a great documentary indeed just wish it could be 4 hours long not 45 minutes :) .
Recomended :thumbup: .

Unfortunately HM Custom charged me Vat on top of the price as an import from outside EU.
Isn't is amazing the amount of algae on those rivers? :)

I have contacted the producer to see if he could do a guided tour, and the response has been "yes", so this is something that I would attempt next year, pending spare funds. :)

I will have days on the environment, and will take a head cam, and film to my hearts content. :)
Isn't is amazing the amount of algae on those rivers? :)

So what the fuss about algae fighting in natural aquarium? :) On IAPLC, judges should add special points for nice display of algae in the tank, as it is very natural ;) :lol: .

Guided tour like this can't be cheap so probably I will not join you unless will decide to sell a car or some other similar thing :? .
If you will be lucky enough to be on the tour next year, than film everything and put together UKaps documentary :) I will buy it for sure :thumbup: .

Edit: And there will be not additional vat charge :) ;)
Does anyone know what can be the cost of trip like this ?
By end of a day still can be worth to pay some extra cash on something like this as for sure You will never forgot what You saw
It is quite cheap, $300 a day, up to three people,so $100 per person.

I have emailed him and the response is below:

Ivan Mikolji <info@mikofish.com>
to GhostSword <ghostsword@gmail.com>
date 10 May 2010 13:56
subject RE: Item #FNADVD - Notification of Payment Received from Luis (ghostsword@gmail.com)

10 May

Hi Luis,

We have 3 other dvds like the Freshwater natural Aquarium dvd. They are the Piranha 1 DVD, Morichal Largo River DVD and the Wolf fish dvd. They are for sale at aquatic-experts. They are not as professionally edited or filmed as the FNA dvd but they have spectacular footage.

I organize snorkeling trips to the sites of the FNA dvd al year long. As a nonprofit Organization we charge $300 a day (up to 3 people for the same price) including transportation, gear (video and photographic) so you take home your own footage and pics. The fee also includes myself as a guide and I pay for my expenses. Your expenses here are covered by yourself or all the people that come.

All the $ that is made is put directly into the Foundation.

I have to say 100$ for day sounds really good as the guy know area well looks like Your trip will be like a dream. Experience not to forget :thumbup:
Well it looks like there is something to think about. Probably flight to Venezuela and back could be the most expensive part of the trip.