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Fluval Stratum/ Colombo Flora Mano Base Black - Reviews ? I have some Qs


23 May 2009
Does anyone have any experience of either of these please ?
Haven't been around for a while, but those who remember me will know that I'm a big fan of Cat Litter substrate, but detest the colour in the tank. For the last few years, I've had Limpopo sand as a substrate, but I really don't like the colour of that either, too many white bits and the black looks grey in the tank.
So, as I've moved house and recently stripped down and moved the tank, I decided to see if there's a substrate that's like cat litter but dark brown/black.
I've been looking at both substrates mentioned in the title, but need to know more about them.
Do either of them break down ? Do they change colour under water?
The Colombo Flora Base Mano Black is new so haven't found anything, and on contacting the seller, the answers to both Qs was basically 'can't see why it would' which tells me they have no idea, since many substrates are found to break down, and/or to change colour when under water and lights. Colombo website also unhelpful.
At the moment there's no substrate apart from a handful of grey sand, bogwood, plants are reduced to Salvinia auriculata, Java fern, and 2 huge Anubias nana plants, I threw out half a bucket of java moss as it grows like a weed.

Current Fish - 1 Hisonotus notatas, 2 Otocynclus, 3 Corydoras nanus.

Thank you for any reviews/help you might care to impart.

Hi Miguel,
Thanks for your reply. How long have you had it in the tank ? And does it break down? I've read some suggestion that it might be very soft ?