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Fluval Roma 200L - Planted Tank 5 Months in


New Member
22 Jul 2021
Essex, Uk
Planted this tank roughly 5 months ago and the progress so far has been amazing!

Tank details:
  • Fluval Roma 200litre
  • Fluval 3.0 light and a standard Roma light 8 hours a day with a 1/2 sunrise and sunset
  • Co2 injection with an co2 inline diffuser from co2art for 8 hours a day hour before lights go on
  • Stainless steel inlet and outlet
  • Filtered with a Oase biomaster thermo 600 and a smaller unknown internal filter to polish water and reduce the chance of staghorn in lower parts of tank
  • Fertilised with tropica premium and specialised
  • Over 26 types of plants mostly tropica
This is the tank now, see more pictures below of when it was first put together

This is what the tank looked like freshly planted

This is what the tank looked like before planting

Also included images of how the plants make the tank look very different below so you can see it easier, I also like these as they show how a lot plants and fish bring a scape to life

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if anyone is interested more in these tanks then I have an Instagram @maxscapess where I post updates regularly regarding my tanks 😊


New Member
21 May 2020
Love the current picture! I have a similar equipment set up to you, Roma 200 with a Biomaster 850 and Fluval lighting.

Which steel inlet and outlet did you go for? I wasnt sure whether the pipes would fit over the Roma's rim or if the skimmer would work due to the height.
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