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Fluval Edge 25l first attempt at an aquascape

The glass nano lily pipes arrived today, pleased with the way they blend in, so a FTS

FTS 29 june.jpg
Just wanted to say thanks for all the input regarding fert's etc, I have decided what i am going to attempted and thought i would note it here at the start and see where we end up.
I am going to use Seachem products and Co2 dosing together with twice weekly water changes of 4000 ml approx. 25%

Dosing regime june 21.png

before starting the above regime i am going to dose Potassium and Iron, then leave for a couple of days before starting with day 1.
I will take daily TDS readings together with before and after readings on days 1 and 4.
The dosing is approx 50% of that recommended by Seachem and i will observe and slowly ramp up as and when required.
I will continue with water tests on days 1 and 4 and hopefully reduce to just weekly once i am confident.
The baseline TDS will be 165 with +/- 20
just a brief update, really please with growth and decided HC Cuba needed its first haircut. before and after photos.
before 090721.jpg
after 090721.jpg

Shrimp are doing a good job of putting soil on top of the sand dry river bed, any suggestions as to how best to stop this? Thanks.
Help please !!
So 4 days after giving the plants a good haircut (reduced the HC "cuba" by approx. 50%) a fine dusting of green algae appeared on the glass overnight.
everything i have read says, don't cut back on ferts., and that algae is a result of chemical imbalance, so having not cut back on dosing for the past 5 days but having increased light and Co2 cycle by an additional 30 mins per day, my questions are:
1. is it possible that there isnt a chemical imbalance and reducing the plant bulk by 50% has triggered the outbreak?
2. how can i best avoid a repeat when i next cut the "Cuba"?
Density of algae has not increased since the first 24/48 hrs of appearing and snails are starting to clear it up.
All water parameters have remained stable
Plants visibly growing
Thanks in advance